AC 7084 Flight Status: Toronto (YYZ) - Pittsburgh (PIT)

AC 7084 is an international flight operated by Air Canada. Flight AC 7084 is departing from Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Canada (YYZ) and arriving at Pittsburgh International Airport, Pittsburgh, United States (PIT). The flight distance is 222 miles or 358 km. The flight time between Toronto and Pittsburgh is 0 hour and 46 minute. The timezone of the departure airport and the arrival airport is GMT-05:00. Current time at both airports is 12:22 PM.

Air Canada AC7084 Schedule

Departure YYZ, Toronto        Arrival PIT, Pittsburgh

Departure 7:00 PM       Arrival 7:46 PM

Flight Duration: 0 hour(s) 46 minute(s)

Flight Distance: 358 km

Flight Days: Wednesday, Saturday

AC7084 Departures & Arrivals

Departure Date Departure Day Origin Departure Time Destination Arrival Time Flight Time
2018-03-31Saturday(YYZ) Lester B. Pearson International Airport7:00 PM(PIT) Pittsburgh International Airport7:46 PM0:46
2016-09-14Wednesday(YYZ) Lester B. Pearson International Airport9:30 PM(PIT) Pittsburgh International Airport7:46 PM22:16

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