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CA 3763 Flight Status: Beijing (PEK) - Sanya (SYX)

CA 3763 is a domestical flight operated by Air China. Flight CA 3763 is departing from Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing, China (PEK) and arriving at Sanya Phoenix International Airport, Sanya, China (SYX). The flight distance is 1,564 miles or 2,517 km. The timezone of the departure airport and the arrival airport is GMT+08:00. Current time at both airports is 03:22 AM.

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Flight Air China CA 3763 is marketed as a codeshare flight by the following airlines: Air China CA 3334, Air China CA 3711, Air China CA 3711, Shenzhen Airlines ZH 9411, Shenzhen Airlines ZH 9411, Shenzhen Airlines ZH 9411

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