DX 2892 Flight Status: Prishtina (PRN) - Frankfurt am Main (FRA)

DX 2892 is an international flight operated by Danish Air. Flight DX 2892 is departing from Priština International Airport, Prishtina, Kosovo (PRN) and arriving at Frankfurt am Main Airport, Frankfurt am Main, Germany (FRA). The flight distance is 785 miles or 1,264 km. The flight time between Prishtina and Frankfurt am Main is 2 hours and 0 minutes. The timezone of the departure airport and the arrival airport is GMT+02:00. Current time at both airports is 04:36 AM.

Danish Air DX2892 Schedule

Departure PRN, Prishtina        Arrival FRA, Frankfurt am Main

Departure 5:35 PM       Arrival 7:35 PM

Flight Duration: 2 hour(s) 0 minute(s)

Flight Distance: 1,264 km

Flight Days: Wednesday

DX2892 Departures & Arrivals

Departure Date Departure Day Origin Departure Time Destination Arrival Time Flight Time
2017-02-15Wednesday(PRN) Priština International Airport5:35 PM(FRA) Frankfurt am Main Airport7:35 PM2:00

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