OO 1310 Flight Status: Indianapolis (IND) - Louisville (SDF)

OO 1310 is a domestical flight operated by SkyWest Airlines. Flight OO 1310 is departing from Indianapolis International Airport, Indianapolis, United States (IND) and arriving at Louisville International Standiford Field, Louisville, United States (SDF). The flight distance is 111 miles or 178 km. The flight time between Indianapolis and Louisville is 0 hour and 53 minute. The timezone of the departure airport and the arrival airport is GMT-04:00. Current time at both airports is 05:34 AM.

SkyWest Airlines OO1310 Schedule

Departure IND, Indianapolis        Arrival SDF, Louisville

Departure 10:30 PM       Arrival 11:23 PM

Flight Duration: 0 hour(s) 53 minute(s)

Flight Distance: 178 km

Flight Days: Wednesday

OO1310 Departures & Arrivals

Departure Date Departure Day Origin Departure Time Destination Arrival Time Flight Time
2017-12-13Wednesday(IND) Indianapolis International Airport10:30 PM(SDF) Louisville International Standiford Field11:23 PM0:53

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