PD 1486 Flight Status: St. John's (YYT) - Montréal (YUL)

PD 1486 is a domestical flight operated by Porter Airlines. Flight PD 1486 is departing from St. John's International Airport, St. John's, Canada (YYT) and arriving at Montreal / Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Montréal, Canada (YUL). The flight distance is 1,005 miles or 1,618 km. The flight time between St. John's and Montréal is 3 hours and 0 minutes. There is a 1.5 hour time difference between the airports. The timezone of the departure airport (YYT) is GMT-02:30 and the timezone of the arrival airport (YUL) is GMT-04:00. Current time at YYT is 10:19 PM. Current time at YUL is 08:49 PM.

Porter Airlines PD1486 Schedule

Departure YYT, St. John's        Arrival YUL, Montréal

Departure 9:30 AM       Arrival 11:00 AM

Flight Duration: 3 hour(s) 0 minute(s)

Flight Distance: 1,618 km

Flight Days: Friday

PD1486 Departures & Arrivals

Departure Date Departure Day Origin Departure Time Destination Arrival Time Flight Time
2018-01-05Friday(YYT) St. John's International Airport9:30 AM(YUL) Montreal / Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport11:00 AM3:00

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