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TP 458 Flight Status: Porto (OPO) - Paris (ORY)

TP 458 is an international flight operated by TAP Portugal. Flight TP 458 is departing from Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport, Porto, Portugal (OPO) and arriving at Paris-Orly Airport, Paris, France (ORY). The flight distance is 746 miles or 1,201 km. There is a 1 hour time difference between the airports. The timezone of the departure airport (OPO) is GMT+00:00 and the timezone of the arrival airport (ORY) is GMT+01:00. Current time at OPO is 04:43 AM. Current time at ORY is 05:43 AM.

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Flight TAP Portugal TP 458 is marketed as a codeshare flight by the following airlines: Azores Airlines S4 8937, Aigle Azur ZI 1174

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