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TP 6554 Flight Status: Ponta Delgada (PDL) - Lisbon (LIS)

TP 6554 is a domestical flight operated by TAP Portugal. Flight TP 6554 is departing from João Paulo II Airport, Ponta Delgada, Portugal (PDL) and arriving at Humberto Delgado Airport (Lisbon Portela Airport), Lisbon, Portugal (LIS). The flight distance is 900 miles or 1,449 km. There is a 1 hour time difference between the airports. The timezone of the departure airport (PDL) is GMT-01:00 and the timezone of the arrival airport (LIS) is GMT+00:00. Current time at PDL is 12:15 AM. Current time at LIS is 01:15 AM.

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Flight TAP Portugal TP 6554 is marketed as a codeshare flight by the following airlines: Azores Airlines S4 124

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