WS 4048 Flight Status: Kelowna (YLW) - Fort McMurray (YMM)

WS 4048 is a domestical flight operated by WestJet. Flight WS 4048 is departing from Kelowna International Airport, Kelowna, Canada (YLW) and arriving at Fort McMurray Airport, Fort McMurray, Canada (YMM). The flight distance is 571 miles or 920 km. There is a 1 hour time difference between the airports. The timezone of the departure airport (YLW) is GMT-07:00 and the timezone of the arrival airport (YMM) is GMT-06:00. Current time at YLW is 12:34 AM. Current time at YMM is 01:34 AM.

WS4048 Departures & Arrivals

Departure Date Departure Day Origin Departure Time Destination Arrival Time Flight Time
2016-12-20Tuesday(YLW) Kelowna International Airport4:29 PM(YMM) Fort McMurray Airport

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